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GreenAir™ HVAC Energy Optimization Test Program

Coil Cleaning Scope and Benefits Analysis

GreenAir™ works closely with our customers to provide supporting evidence of energy optimization or savings using our patent-pending coil clean process. We do this by conducting a test on one building or complex to illustrate the effectiveness and benefits of the GreenAir Process

Customers will receive the following services to optimize energy:

  1. HVAC units will be analyzed for energy use and current state of performance and efficiency
  2. All units will receive the state of the art GreenAir Process coil cleaning
  3. This patent pending cleaning process will restore any coil to like new operating condition regardless of how badly contaminated
  4. The units energy use and operating parameters will then be analyzed again and improvements will be defined and charted
  5. Using the data collected, GreenAir in conjunction the facility's engineering department, will then perform a financial analysis of this process.
  6. Additionally, with support from the facilities management team, we will be able to estimate soiling rates and investigate how cleaning would fit into the production schedule of other buildings in question.

This process will clearly define future goals and the need to optimize energy usage in your facilities.

Ask us about LEED and the GreenAir Process. 

Contact us for more details, pricing information or to schedule our unique EOTP at your facility. 




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